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"I'm to busy putting fires out!"  "What is industry 4.0 anyway?"  "This ERP system doesn't work"  "That supplier has let me down again"  "I never have all the bits to do the job"  "The scrap rate has gone through the roof"  "Whats lean all about? Its just cleaning your workspace isn't it?"  "I don't know whats going to happen today, never mind next month"

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Clive Whitegate was formed in 2005 and unlike many Business Consultants that are populated with well qualified but inexperienced and expensive individuals, we elected to use only highly experienced battle-scarred “Grey Beards” with a track record of delivering sustainable solutions across the Globe.

A professional Interim Manager with over 20 years of successfully managing change.  Extensive experience working in demanding business environments both as Managing Director and COO. Now transferring this hard knowledgeware  to a   range of Clients wanting to manage change and mitigate risk.

Dave Murray

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Many Lean implementations fail due to a lack of Lean common sense. We need to apply the correct medicine at the correct time in the correct dosage. Too little will not help the patient but equally too much will cause harm.


Being a Lean Leader takes courage! It’s all about creating an environment in which your people can and want to succeed. That may mean having a style that lets people get on with it rather than have you looking over their shoulder.

Dave Murray

Industry 4.0 (4IR)

There has been lots of coverage of the 4th Industrial revolution and Digital Transformation. What is it? How can it help you? Or, is it just rubbish spouted by academia and consultants looking for the next Millennium Bug!

Manufacturing Systems

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is the central nervous system of the business. If it is healthy, it provides the sensory input to management, so they can understand what is happening with customers, suppliers, and employees.
The Way We Can Deliver


Our engagement can deliver simply a diagnostic or full roll out of a response programme tailored to the problem or challenge in hand. The choice is yours dependent on your culture and affordability.


Our Interims  are prepared to work with replace or supplement your existing management team, working seamlessly across national borders if required. We can work with you on a full or part time basis and fit in with your overall business needs.


Applicable to all businesses and individuals, Business Coaching is very similar to sports coaching. A sports coach pushes an athlete to achieve optimum performance, support when they are exhausted and teaches the athlete to execute plays that their competition doesn’t anticipate.


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