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Industry 4.0 (4IR)

We do not have standard off the shelf solutions as we believe that every situation is different and therefore a tailored solution is always going to deliver better more sustainable results.

Our Specialisms

Industry 4.0 (4IR)

Here is what the EEF think from a sample of Manufacturers

In their own words: How manufacturers describe the 4th Industrial revolution.

Not just about tech but how you join up the tech to work better – more productive, efficient, more insights and information. Communication and data analysis. Optimisation for efficiency gains – smarter ways of working. An- enabler of ambition. Use data to provide answers more quickly. Quicker innovation. Next step In optimisation and efficiency. Will become essential for competitive manufacturing. Real time data availability and information. Provide better solutions for customers. Information management from data – data on its own isn’t helpful. Difference between data and knowledge and information. Information flow and exchange. Help to integrate service and product. Better understand product use. Help move Into mass customisation. Connecting up ‘buckets’ of work areas – information flow. Managing data and systems to improv competitive edge. Product/process/supply chain – joining up and smarter ways of working between areas. Enhancing service provision. Information to help optimise products. An enabler of ultimate ambition and goals.

Source – EEF 4IR focus groups 2016

Industry 4.0 (4IR)

What Is It?

There has been lots of coverage of the 4th Industrial revolution and Digital Transformation. What is it? How can it help you? Or, is it just rubbish spouted by academia and consultants looking for the next Millennium Bug!

Our sister company New Intelligence can help you understand what benefits I4.0 will deliver and what your journey should look like to achieve those results.

Are you ready for it? Only if you have foundations in place, if not your implementation will fail like so many other previous initiatives.

New Intelligence has found a way for you to decide whether you are ready and help you through the journey for your real benefit not simply because others say you should.

The critical first step is to fully understand your business dynamics and performance, both past and present.Don’t jump to conclusions, come to conclusions based on all available data and anecdotal evidence. From there develop a plan synchronised with need and capability.

Visit www.newintelligence.net for more detail.

At Bemrose Booth, I recruited Dave Murray to join as Managing Director in November 2006. The blend of his down to earth style and extensive experience of change management and business turnarounds were especially appealing. Dave did not let us down. His ability to coach and engage all levels of personnel to understand and adapt to change was exceptional. This skill was demonstrated at every level of the organization; from leadership to middle management to shop floor workers. Dave recognized and selected individuals to champion change throughout the Company. He also knew the importance of combining the strengths of existing personnel while bringing in new talent to optimize the pace of change and building engagement along the way. Team building is something Dave really enjoys and does particularly well. Articulating a clear plan to the organization, building trust and respect, acting with integrity – all things Dave does naturally. I highly recommend Dave Murray, especially in a change management, turnaround environment.

VP/General Manager International, Appleton Papers

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