Our Specialisms


We do not have standard off the shelf solutions as we believe that every situation is different and therefore a tailored solution is always going to deliver better more sustainable results.

Our Specialisms


Being a Lean Leader takes courage! It’s all about creating an environment in which your people can and want to succeed. That may mean having a style that lets people get on with it rather than have you looking over their shoulder. It gives people the confidence to know “how good they can be” and not afraid of not achieving. Controlled risk is good and should be rewarded not frowned upon.

The Lean Leader gives:-

  1. Clarity of the goal.
  2. Focus through consistency and repetition.
  3. Encouragement through coaching and mentoring.
  4. Rewards for success, not necessarily financial maybe just time.

Its not management, that’s easy, its LEADERSHIP.

Once the environment is there then its amazing how the most outrageous, previously aspirational, results can be delivered.

So, if you need help generating courage to achieve give us a call.

Traditional Leadership

Leader plans
Staff meets goals set by leader
Leader produces metric and feeds back when not met
Rigid enforcement of rules and regulations
Information controller
Sole problem solver
Technical expert
Assignor of work
Performance appraiser

Lean Leadership

Direction setter
Ensures team goals support vision
Monitors and audits team’s metrics
Sets expectations
Information conduit
Facilitates ‘root cause’ analysis
Technical resource
Provider of forward workloads
Appraises team performance to team goals
At Bemrose Booth, I recruited Dave Murray to join as Managing Director in November 2006. The blend of his down to earth style and extensive experience of change management and business turnarounds were especially appealing. Dave did not let us down. His ability to coach and engage all levels of personnel to understand and adapt to change was exceptional. This skill was demonstrated at every level of the organization; from leadership to middle management to shop floor workers. Dave recognized and selected individuals to champion change throughout the Company. He also knew the importance of combining the strengths of existing personnel while bringing in new talent to optimize the pace of change and building engagement along the way. Team building is something Dave really enjoys and does particularly well. Articulating a clear plan to the organization, building trust and respect, acting with integrity – all things Dave does naturally. I highly recommend Dave Murray, especially in a change management, turnaround environment.

VP/General Manager International, Appleton Papers

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